When we come to Jesus, we join his family. And we are called to engage in meaningful gospel relationships where we seek to help one another increasingly and passionately follow Jesus in every area of life. 


This is why we have Growth Groups. In these groups we study God's Word, pray together, shoulder one another's burdens, and care for one another. Generosity and self-giving love are the way of those who call Jesus Lord. So, we are determined that in Growth Groups we would learn to die to self, put others first, and live for Christ.


If Eastside is your home and you are not in a Building Foundation or Growth Group, then we'd love you to join a group. Please leave your details below, and we'll be in touch soon.


Note: If you are already part of a group, there is no need to sign up! Just continue in your group.


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Which group should I join?

We currently have 17 Growth Groups who meet at a variety of different times and locations. Give us a bit of information below about what might work best for you (days of the week, AM/PM, suburb, mixed/women/men group), and we will send you some more information!